First complete Steps 1, 2 and 3

Now you are ready to start adding the content that will play back on Alexa.

Click the 'Actions' button > choose 'Add Feed'

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Follow the steps to add the Feed content,


1. Enter the Feed Title


2.  Feed content might be a Text or Audio, and select the type using the drop down


3. Add your Content - 

a) Text - enter the Text in the text field (Alexa will read this text - Be advised Alexa might not pronounce all words perfectly)

 b) Audio -  If it is an audio content, then enter the URL of the audio file or choose the audio file from your desktop or any file you have saved in your Library.

(Click the button 'My Tools' to see options) 

a) Amazon S3 - if you have an amazon server and storage you can link to the audio file ( optional - not necessary)

b) Audio Library - if you have previously recorded your voice using our tools and saved it you can upload it from your Library.

c) Record your voice - we provide a convenient tool to record your voice. Record your voice, name the file and save it in your library.



4. The Read More URL is a link that gets displayed in the Amazon Alexa app.

We recommend you to have the Read More URL, a website link or the social media profile.


5.  Scheduling - Turning on this option will help you to schedule your content with the specific Time zone 

Once the feed has been added, it will be displayed in the Feed list dashboard

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To make ANY feed live, click on the star icon as shown in the image below 

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